Icelandair Saga Club members earn Saga Points on all domestic flights and between Reykjavik and Greenland with Air Iceland. 
There are two fares at Air Iceland that qualify for frequent flyer points, Full Flex which gives 500 Saga Points for each flight and Semi Flex which gives 200 Saga Points for each flight. 
no points are given for flights to the Faroe Islands or for charter flights, such as flights that Eagle Air operates to Hornafjordur, Gjogur, Bildudal and Sauðarkrokur. 

Should Saga Points not register to your Saga Club account you need to contact Air Iceland Connect and remember to have you Saga Club number in the e-mail. 

This is how you earn Saga Points on Air Iceland

  1. You book a flight on
  2. You choose Full Flex or Semi Flex fare
  3. You register your Saga Club number in the booking
  4. You enjoy your flight and your Saga Points

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