Earn Icelandair Saga Points for every stay

Saga Club members earn Saga Points when booking a hotel on Icelandair Hotel Search by

For every 1 EUR you pay for a hotel you earn 2 Saga Points that will be registered to your Saga Club account 60 days after your stay. is a world leader in booking accommodation online, and offers: 

  • Largest hotel database in the world 
  • Low rates 
  • No booking fees 
  • Easy booking flow 
  • Around the clock customer service in your language 

This is how easy it is: 

  • Visit Icelandair Hotel Search 
  • Search for a hotel at your destination 
  • Register your Saga Card number in step 3 in the booking process
  • Finish your booking and earn Saga Points. 



If the Saga Points are not registered to your Saga Club account please send your receipt to Please note that Icelandair Saga Points earned for each hotel reservation are calculated in EUR and are therefore based on the hotel price in EUR.