Jet Blue amentity kit

Earn Saga Points on JetBlue flights

Icelandair Saga Club members will earn both Saga Points and Card Points when flying with JetBlue. Saga Silver members get 10% bonus on the Card Points, and Saga Gold members get 20% bonus on the Card Points.

TrueBlue members of JetBlue will earn TrueBlue points for Icelandair flights.
No service benefits such as access to Lounges or upgrades for Elite members are part of the agreement.
In the online booking engine, there will be a pull-down list where the passenger will choose the airline that he wants to earn points with.

Here is the Points Accrual Table for Saga Club members on JetBlue flights:

   Economy Economy Y Mint
  Z, O, U, S, P Y, E, K, H, Q, B, L, V, R, W, M J, C, D, I
Route shorter than 800 miles 500 500 625
Route from 801 - 1200 miles 600 1200 1500
Route from 1201 miles or more 700 1400 1750

Please note that no Saga Points are earned on the following booking classes on JetBlue: X, T, N, ZCERT.

  • Remember to put your Saga Club number in your booking.
  • It can take up to 2 weeks from the flight until you see the points on your Saga Club Points Statement.
  • If you do not receive your Saga Points, then your Saga Club number was most likely not registered in your JetBlue booking. It is possible to register Saga Points 12 months back in time. To do so, you need to send a copy of your flight ticket along with your Saga Number to
  • Please note that no points can be earned for JetBlue flights flown before April 3, 2017.