06.01.2017 11:01

Book a hotel on Hotels.com with your Icelandair Saga Points

Icelandair Saga Club members can book a hotel stay with their Icelandair Saga Points on Hotels.com as a part of the payment or for the whole stay. With this new redemption option we have simplified the booking process to book a hotel for Saga Points and as well increased the variety of hotels immensely. Therefore we have discontinued our collaboration with Icelandair Hotels and Hotel Edda in Saga Points redemption.

Three easy steps to book:

  1. You push the button here below "Book here", and sign into your Saga Club account and choose Hotels.com. 
  2. You are forwarded to a page that allows you to install the browser plugin. Further installation instructions are on that page.
  3. After installing the plugin the page will reload and an orange button appears. After you press the button you will be redirect to Hotels.com where you can book prepaid hotels for your Saga Points.

Book here



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